„Royal Pair, couple royal, Königspaar“

“Bewegter Wind”, Gembek, Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany 2008

My wind objects, ROYAL PAIR, are adapted to the North Hessian Landscape. They are situated amongst windmills that now overpower the old hilly land. A pair of gossamer white gowns float out in the wind on a wide open summit plain that is towered over by wind turbines. This 'Royal Pair' dance in the wind. In ancient times the kings of the Saxons and the Franks met in this region to dominate the land. My objects refer to these events, therefore the sizes are slightly different and yet almost the same. The forms blow with wind showing their full dimension, glory and power.

Size: 4m long, diameter 0,90m and 0,80m. Materials are gilded wire, tulle fabric and the wind.