„Towards the Beginning, Verso l´Inizio, Zurück an den Ursprung“

Landart Meeting Pordenone, Italy 2008, Lorna Green and Carlotta Brunetti,
Hay, l 100m x b 30m

We explored the area at Humus Park in Pordenone and found a new mown hay field with a beautiful willow tree in the centre at the back of the field across from a small river.

This was to be our site and the concept evolved – to redirect the lines of dead, dry hay towards the river and up and over into the tree in order that the dead could be regenerated into life.

The field was very big – 100 metres x 30 metres –the opportunity, however, to work with hay for the first time and the chance to work on such a large scale was irresistible but the scale did prove to be extremely hard physical work.

But we succeeded in aligning and binding the hay in order to concentrate the lines towards the tree and once the three lines of hay were lifted, a moment of triumph, into the tree, gently curving over the river, we knew that the hard work had all been worthwhile.

The result was that as well as being a large scale spatial project, we transformed the whole horizontal hayfield into a vertical upward line.

Lorna Green and Carlotta Brunetti